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8 Quick Steps To Stay Put Eyes

Pure mineral makeup tutorial – stay put eyes; how to prevent your eye makeup from running away with you. The smudge free eye is our goal, using smart safe chemical free products too!

Hairdressing Consultation? What Is This?

Have you ever entered a hair salon for a new salon haircut and left with the same old look? Well, before the salon shears are used, you definitely need a hair consultation. What is a hairdressing consultation? Read more and find out.

Salon Hair Coloring – Four Basic Rules For Perfect Results

Have you ever colored someone’s hair and were disappointed with the end result? You probably did not follow at least one of the four basic rules of salon hair coloring used in the hairdressing business. Read more to find out what to do when coloring hair.

How to Use the Right Amount of Perfume

How do you know how to use the right amount of perfume? Some people just put loads and loads of perfume on and it doesn’t seem like they know what they are doing.

Hair Clips: Choosing the Hair Accessory That Is Right for You

Hair clips are great for accessorizing outfits, hair styles, and occasions. But choosing the correct clip is no simple matter. When buying a hair clip, you must consider the type of clip that will work best for your hair.

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