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9 Steps To Glam Up With Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are almost everywhere. Whether you watch Hollywood movies, spend a few hours gluing your eyes on television shows, be a spectator in a red carpet event or flip through the pages of magazines, it’s impossible not to notice the fad that is human hair extension. No wonder why even just ordinary girls would want to try hair extension.

Pay Homage to Your Inner Bombshell With Tease Perfume by Paris Hilton

Invite your inner bombshell to come out and play with Tease Perfume by Paris Hilton. Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave, you will know Paris Hilton and her unapologetic style and presence in the media. You may not understand her reality TV popularity but you can surely agree with her marketing genius, especially when you take your first whiff of her tenth fragrance release, Tease.

How To Make Your Own Hair Feathers

You probably have noticed that almost all celebrities are riding the wave of what is tipped to be the biggest summer trend of 2011. The trend is hair feathers, which are worn in your hair. Magazines are full of celebrities wearing these latest hair pieces, pretty much everyone from Lady GaGa to Rihanna has been spotted with feathers of all different shapes and sizes in their hair at some point.

Natural Hair Care Products and Makeup

Gone are the days of unattractive, odd smelling and strangely formulated natural body care products. Today, you can have the benefits of organics in delicious fragrances, pleasing textures and packaging so sleek that you will never want to hide them under the bathroom sink.

Grow Long and Healthy Ethnic Hair

Don’t believe the myth that you can’t grow your ethnic hair long and healthy. A nurturing and consistent hair care routine will help you get the growth you want.

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