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Is It Time To Give Your Salon A New Year Makeover?

As the new year rolls on and business owners begin to consider how they can achieve more in 2011, one way that salons can be improved is with a makeover of their own. Here are some steps to improving the look of your salon and enhancing the potential for success.

Expensive Skin Care Products Contain Petrochemicals Just Like Cheap Ones

Before you buy expensive skincare products, you might want to find out what chemicals are included in the fragrance. Practically all cleansers, creams and other anti aging skin care products on the market today contain the non-specific ingredient fragrance or perfume.

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

We all love our trips to the beauty salons and enjoy being pampered but in this day and age everybody is watching their pennies. I started doing my own pedicures a while back when I came home after getting one done and ended up taking it all off and starting from scratch as I really was not pleased with the professional result.

Easy Eye Make Up Tips to Brighten Up Your Eyes!

Applying eye make up can be one of the confusing things for a woman when putting on make up. Sometimes the eyes still looks small, tired and dull even after putting on eye make up. Here’s some quick tips to brighten up those eyes!

Things to Know About Salon Towels

Many people loves going to a salon in order to look good and be pampered. And any beauty salon is in incomplete without salon towels. As an essential part of a salon, these towels are required for a number of uses including drying hair after shampooing, cleaning the face after applying a face pack, wrapping up the body while having a massage, drying the feet after a foot massage or foot scrub, drying the whole face and body after a therapeutic shower and bath, and many more.

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