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How To Choose Hair Shears

Hair shears should be thought of as an essential tool for any stylist or hair dresser. They are different in design from regular scissors as they feature fine toothed blades that have been made specifically for the purpose of trimming strands of hair. They can be bought in a range of designs, colors, and styles. Before you buy a generic pair you should consider the following advice and information.

Showing Your Bra

Ladies, be honest, do you sometimes like to show your bra a little?It happens. I do not intentionally draw attention to it, but if it peeks out I certainly do not recoil and wither in shame. Americans (especially older ones) are still rather puritanical. There is nothing wrong with flesh or the “undergarments” that cover it.

Getting a New Hairstyle for the Festive Season

Are you keen to have a new look for the festive season? If you plan on going to a lot of parties over Christmas and New Year, you may want a new hair do to make a great impression. Here are 10 steps to getting a new hairstyle this winter.

Ookisa Hair Products – The Secret To Radiant Hair

The concept of Ookisa Hair product started in Japan in the 16th century. Back in the golden era of the Samurai’s, Japanese elites would flock to the imperial court to witness the beauty of the legendary Geisha girls.

What Makes a Good Hairdresser?

Are you looking for a new hairdresser to give you a fab new look this Christmas? If so, here are seven important attributes of a good hairdresser.

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