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Wet To Dry Hair Straightener

Why should you invest in a wet to dry hair straightener? Busy career women and many impatient people have paved the way for the creation of straighteners that can be used right after you step out of the shower.

Top Ten Hair Straighteners

Thousands of hair straighteners in every shape and size can be overwhelming, so to make this important decision easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the list of countless straighteners to the top ten chosen by experienced users and infinite reviews. Starting with our well-deserved number one: Karmin Titanium: Strong, durable and mirror smooth titanium plates will flawlessly flip, curl, wave or straighten hair while providing complete control over the temperature thanks to its variable heat settings (176-410°F). An extra-long swivel cord and regulated flash heating promise easy handling and efficient usage for everyone with any hair type.

All About Hair Extensions for Women!

In its natural state, Brazilian Remy hair extensions are thick, soft, and beautiful. The preserved integrity of the hair allows it to be dyed, blow dried, curled with a curling iron, or straightened with a flat iron as a woman desires. Brazilian hair extensions are naturally straight, but they do contain a slight wave when they are washed and allowed to air dry. Its natural colors are shades of dark brown and black, but as aforementioned, it can be dyed, or even permed, to better match the hair of Caucasian and European women. Malaysian hair extensions are also ideal for women of color.

Best Ceramic Hair Straightener

Is frizzy hair getting you down? Using a ceramic straightener will transform even the wildest hair into silky smooth locks while protecting each strand from the harsh adversities of heat.

Read This Important Information on Rosacea and How to Treat It! There Is Hope!

A recent study in Dermatology Times remarked that people with Rosacea say the disease can negatively affect their workplace interactions and employment – even to the extent of being denied promotions. In this survey of 1134 Rosacea patients but the National Rosacea Society, 60 percent of all people responding and 88 percent of those who reported severe symptoms said that the disorder had negatively impacted their workplace interactions. And among those who reported severe symptoms, 51 percent said they had actually missed work because of their condition. Rosacea is a very common disorder resulting in redness and flushing to the face. Most patients begin with a baseline of increased redness but may experience pronounced flushing when exposed to stimulating agents such as heat, alcohol, or even stress. And while there is really no cure for Rosacea, the good news is that its symptoms can generally be treated very easily with minimal downtime.

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