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Personal Color Analysis – Should My Hair Color Be Cool or Warm?

You will need to first do a simple personal color analysis to determine whether your natural hair color is cool, neutral or warm, and then select your hair dye color from the same category. Those of you who have chemically treated hair must realize that colored or permed hair has been stripped of some of its color.

Want to Duck, Dash and Dart the Pinch of Beauty Expenses?

On behalf of women everywhere, it is safe to say that beauty can be quite the expenditure. Time and again, we find ourselves purchasing this product or that one in an attempt to get the look, especially in the long winter season. Although the chilly, icy winter months cannot be avoided, their bitter effects on our wallets can.

Knowing More About Wholesale Fashion Jewelries

What comes first into our mind when we say…wholesale fashion jewelries? Isn’t it acquiring the items in bulk at a cheaper way? Now a day’s there are a lot of stores or company’s that offer wholesale items. They offer limited discounts or even free shipping to clients who purchase in bulk. They may be in dozens or per pack at a minimum price one can afford. It is really apt for the clients to choose from their great selections.

Makeup Application – 5 Mistakes Women Make

Makeup application can be very enjoyable, especially if you keep a few beauty tips in mind. Although experimenting with makeup is fun, there are techniques to applying makeup correctly. I’ve listed a few primary mistakes that women make when applying makeup.

Selecting The Best Face Creams For Your Skin

The various environmental aggressors such as sun, pollution and cold can drastically damage the skin and lead to common skin problems such as acne, wrinkles and dry skin. The majority of women are therefore always looking for the most effective creams to help them battle these skin problems. With thousands of face creams available in the market, how do you choose what is best for your skin?

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