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What Are My Colors – The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not really a law at all. It is a way to express the metaphysical concept that like attracts like. The color you wear accentuates, or attracts the eye, to that same color in your hair, eyes or skin tone.

Best Hair Straighteners

Good hair straighteners aren’t exactly ‘a dime a dozen’, so it’s always recommended that you learn a bit more about the types of straighteners available on the market before actually going out to buy one. Let’s start with the most popular and widely used kind, the ceramic hair straighteners. These extra smooth irons let you go from curly to straight in half the time it would take with a normal straightening iron, as ceramic plates heat up quicker and the heat is distributed evenly so your hair will get the same hot temperature all around, while releasing negative…

What Are My Colors – 3 Tips for Highlighting Your Hair at Home

For you, hair coloring is an art. The science has already been worked out for you. Your job is to decide what look you want to achieve, and by what method. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when highlighting your hair at home.

Shopping For The Best Hair Straighteners?

If you’ve ever had to shop for small personal appliances, you know the process can be a real nightmare. Big-box retailers do a good job of merchandising their inventory and if you’re not careful, you’ll walk out of the store with bags of colorful merchandise whose packaging claims wondrous things for your skin and hair. Often times, you will have blown your budget and find yourself stuck with products which fail to meet up to claims.

Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners just keep revolutionizing the way people style their hair, and a huge innovation with hair straightening plates is the addition of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a natural element reacts to heat by becoming negatively charged. The negative ions that are produced allows the straightener to heat the hair more quickly than other irons which means that there is less overall heat applied to the hair, decreasing the chance of damage. Tourmaline also works to make your hair look healthier because as the iron is working, it actually closes the cuticle of the hair shaft allowing it to lay flat which makes hair look shiny and healthy instead of dry and damaged. These irons also eliminate static, so there is no more frizz to deal with.

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