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What to Wear for Winter 2010-2011

Winter 2010/ 2011 is approaching fast. The bad news is that the days are getting shorter but the good news is that it’s time to plan a whole new winter wardrobe. So it’s time to have a look at the latest female fashion trends.

Choosing Clothes to Suit Your Body Shape

I like to think of myself as totally fashion savvy and up to date with all the latest women’s fashion and styles. So when I was asked to write an article on body shapes I did not think it would pose much of a problem. But when I thought about it, I realised that I did not know what my own body shape was.

The Rise of the Online Wardrobe

I never used to understand people who said they did all their clothes shopping or planned their wardrobe online. They always tried to sell me the benefits but for me it wasn’t just about the clothes but the shopping experience. I loved the buzzy atmosphere in city centres.

4 Women’s Trends That Are Here To Stay

Every decade has its own particular fashion masterpiece. I always wished I could have lived in the 20s. Women’s fashion in the 20s was so elegant and dainty.

Summer Festival Fashion

I realised something this year. I am thirty years old and I have never been to a music festival. I really felt like this was a tragedy.

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