Those brown bumps on your body might be KERATOSIS PILARIS! | Remedies for STRAWBERRY LEGS

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment for a Frizzy Mane

Aside from a beautiful face, sexy body and long legs, the hair is also a big attraction to men. Women, on the other hand, will never stop to make their crowning glory attractive to catch the attention of not only their men but also their friends.

How To Wear Make Up For An Interview

When you’ve finally gotten a call back for a job interview, you want to make sure you do everything you can to make the best impression possible. First impressions are crucial, and you want to portray yourself as responsible, competent and neat. Of course, your credentials and experience matter, but your appearance also tells the interviewer lot about you. Also, putting some effort into your appearance will make you feel confident, which will make you more personable and friendly. Below are some tips on how to do your make up for your next job interview.

Beauty Sleep – Myth Or Must?

Like most women, I usually wake up tired. The kind of tired that makes you want to crawl back in bed and sleep for 24 straight hours. We’ve all heard how important sleep is for all the biggies like over-all health, good skin, and even staying trim. So, for the sake of the bags under my eyes and my not-so-perfect skin, I decided to investigate…

Memoirs Of A Geisha’s Skin – Are Japanese Skincare Products Superior?

The Japanese are known for their flawless, porcelain-like skin. Seriously, think about it for a moment: have you ever seen a Japanese gal with anything but amazing, virtually wrinkle-free skin? Since I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks (insert sobbing here) this got me wondering about the current skincare products I use and if I should trade them in for more effective ones…

Mother Nature Provides Perfume Ingredients

There are many different things that can be used in the making of perfume. Many of them are provided by Mother Nature and can be found right under your nose. Some of these items might be obvious to you, flowers might come to mind.

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