Urban Extraction Episode 55

Various Eyelash Adhesive Choices

Do you have beautiful eyes? Many women may not know how to answer this question because they have never really paid attention to their eyes. Even as all eyes are gorgeous, those that have longer, thicker, darker and curly eyelashes look spectacular.

Feather Hair Extensions – Past and Present

Feather hair extensions may well be one of the latest trends, but wearing hair feathers is nothing new. The wearing of feathers in a persons hair is a tradition that is centuries old.

Forget You Ever Had Oily, Moist Scalp and Lank Hair!

What are the symptoms of oily scalp? Oily scalp means greasy, lank hair that’s difficult to manage and constantly looks as if it needs washing. What’s worse is that the over-production of oil can lead to scalp problems, such as dandruff, which give you a very itchy head!

Perfect Prom Season Smokey Eyes

Now that the end of another school year is approaching, it means that prom season is approaching as well. Aside from finding the perfect dress, it’s your chance to complete your look with the perfect accessories, and outfit touches. This is your chance to rock the fancy, sexy smokey eye look by blending eyeshadow, liner and mascara and properly smudging it to get a dark, dramatic, charcoal finish.

Wedding Makeup Tips For Eyes

When it comes to wedding makeup, the way that you do your eyes is going to have the most impact. It is going to be the focal point of your future husband’s as you exchange your vows. You are also going to just shine from them from the happiness that you are feeling.

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