Urban Extraction Episode 57

Dinair Airbrush and You: A Few Tips for Getting an Effortless, Glowing Look

If you have ever researched airbrush tools like I have, you know that there are many to choose from. Of all the products I’ve tried, the Dinair Airbrush is my makeup tool of choice. It’s quite simply easy to use, offering innovative makeup and using a great technology that is ideal for covering blemishes.

Scar Repair Cream

There are a probably a lot of creams in existence today. A lot of creams for face – feet – body and even those which promises to repair scars. But then again, will they work? Read more and find out.

Why A Good Hair Iron Won’t Work

Are you looking to buy the best hair iron that you can but just don’t know how or where to look? The first thing you need to understand is that a good hair iron isn’t what you want, you need a great hair iron.

What Is The Best Hair Iron?

Do you know what the best hair iron is for you? Something you need to understand is the best hair iron is not always the same for every person, sometimes the best hair iron is one that is small, wide, ceramic, rigged, and has a temperature control.

Salon Flat Irons – Are They Better?

Have you ever heard anybody tell you that you should get salon flat irons because they are better than anything else that is out there? This is something that you might hear a lot of you go to a hair salon and the reason they tell you this is to get you to buy a flat iron from them but the fact of the matter is you can get the same flat iron online if you just look.

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