Urban Extraction Episode 66

Are Anti-Aging Creams Really Effective?

If you are like me then you know there are lots of anti-aging creams on the market today. But are anti-aging creams really effective at stopping age or can they hide it well. Most of the ones I have used were not any good. Here is a list of the best ones I have used and why I stopped using them.

What Are Some of the Best Types of Hair Coloring Products On The Market?

Do you currently go to the hairdressers to have your hair colored? Would you like to know what different products that are used on your hair are and how they are used? Possibly you are interested in doing your own hair coloring and need information. Below are some of the common types of hair products that are currently on the market and how they are used.


I know I said in my previous article I am up for trying anything once, but Vajazzle – ing? For those not already in the know, vajazzling is the new craze to hit the UK.

Hair Loss Can Cause a Lack of Confidence

Men and women alike suffer from hair loss for countless reasons. No matter what the cause, hair loss can create a lack of confidence and leave the sufferer searching for options. Luckily, there are many ways to handle thinning hair, baldness and receding hairlines.

Let Your Hair Color Reflect Your Personality

Many professionals predict more natural hair colors to be the trend for the next few years but not everyone wants to follow trends. Your hair color says a lot about your personality and people should choose a color that suits them personally. If you prefer to let your hair color reflect your individuality, here are a few things to consider.

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