Urban Extraction Episode 68

Looking Younger With Natural Cosmetics

Consumers today are a more aware bunch than their counterparts from barely a decade ago. This is largely thanks to the Internet. I am not basing this premise on an expensive survey or report, although those do exist. I base it on my interactions with people on a daily basis. My job and social life constantly brings me around loads of people. I love to meet new people and interact with them. And I will usually get to the grit of a conversation rather than waste time on casual nothings.

Natural Looking Makeup for a Wedding

I recently had to attend a friend’s wedding. I am not a huge fan of dramatic makeup. I do not like the oodles of makeup you have to put on your face to achieve that look, and I do not like the dramatic look per se. But then again I knew that if I did not have on striking makeup, I would not photograph well. So I was facing a dilemma that I did not know how to overcome. And just like that, something my mom had told me a long time ago came to my rescue.

Selling Your Beauty Line Online

I am thrilled that after reading one of my previous articles about starting a home-based beauty business, one of my readers decided to take my advice and start a small business from home. She got in touch with me and we have talked about it in great detail. We got really close and have even been exchanging tips. She has been kind and opens enough to share her whole experience with me right from where she sources her raw materials to the local designer who does her labels.

The Story of Organic Cosmetics

Everyone wants to look their best at all times. In fact, looking good has been pursued by mankind for centuries. Cosmetics in general and even organic cosmetics have pretty long history. If you have ever looked at pictures of Egyptian Hieroglyphics, then you must have noticed that the faces of the people in those depictions were painted. The eyes are striking and the mouths are defined. The intention of depicting people in that manner was to draw attention to the sharp features.

Do Natural Remedies for Skin Care Work?

An understandable question. While it makes a lot of sense that natural remedies will work better than chemical or allopathic ones, there may still be many doubts in people’s minds because of the lies that are constantly being told by the cosmetics industries all over the world – natural and otherwise. But don’t listen to what other people say, not even me. Just read everything that’s out there, get all the facts from both sides of the argument, and make up your own mind.

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