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Flat Irons Have More Than One Use

Do you think that flat irons can only be used to straighten hair? Think again – these tools have more than one use and are handy in a pinch.

Pakistani and Arabic Mehndi Designs

The styles of mehndi designs differ as per the region they are used. There are various kinds of mehndi patterns, top three being Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and African Mehndi designs.

Bring Life To Your Hair With Moroccan Oil

As women, dealing with our hair can be extremely trying. Even though each of us has a variety of textures and length, it feels as though all hair products are created equal. Also, each environment comes with its own set of special challenges. Whether it is the arid nature of a desert or the frizz inducing climate of a humid prone town – so many things can impact our hair and dry it out. Many conditioners claim to put the moisture back in your hair, but often times it can feel as though our hair is lank and weighed down. This is where going back the basics is best, as with Moroccan oil.

Feeling Good Starts on the Inside

Men’s body is like a Toyota, women on the other hand are like Porsches! However, no matter how gorgeous and attractive exterior of a car is, it would be nothing without insides and the engine that keeps it going, right? Inner beauty is the most important feature in a woman. Just like beautiful Porsches, outside is only a shell for what’s inside and what keeps us going. Your inner beauty and happiness will shine through your outsides – through your eyes, your smile, your posture and your kind words.

How to Compare Today’s New Skincare Products

Many of today’s new skincare products are classified as anti-aging treatments. They work in several ways. Some obviously work better than others. Here’s how to compare what’s available.

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