Wax Time Episode 4

Ionic Hair Straightener

If you fight a constant battle with frizzy hair, then what you need is a straightener that uses ionic technology to tame that mane into perfectly sleek and smooth strands by using negative ions to neutralize the positive ions in the hair. These positive ions are present either from heat, excessive thermal styling, pollution or other natural effects, so they are the cause of dry and frizzy hair. By eliminating this messy positive charge, your frizz will be instantly transformed into beautifully straight and silky locks that will shine vibrantly to enhance your overall look.

Threading, Waxing, or Tweezing: You Decide!

Prior to being an expert on how to thread eyebrows, you ought to think about the advantages and disadvantages of other popular methods. If you are anything like me the continual quest to achieve a flawlessly groomed eyebrow is a task like none other.

How to Apply Mineral Foundation Makeup

Mineral foundation makeup has become all the rage recently. Women love the way that it makes them look and how healthy it is for their skin. Many manufacturers say that you can go to sleep with their products on and you do not have to worry about breaking out from them.

Try Wavy Remy Hair Extensions for Long Beach Hair!

Do you like the look of the hair many women and celebrities are wearing today? Or how about the tousled, beach wave hair styles many women like to sport, while looking fabulous doing so! Women who make the decision to buy Remy hair extensions will enjoy the benefits of receiving their own beach inspired waves in a matter of moments. One of the best brands for achieving these waves is Wet n Wavy hair extensions for summer by Hair With Extensions. To achieve the tousled waves for summer, you simply wet the hair and watch it get wavy.

Pros and Cons of Buying Remy Hair Extensions for Women!

As with any product, there are pros and cons of Remy hair extensions for women. For those who are not familiar with the product, Remy hair extensions are created from all natural human hair, and pains are taken to preserve the hair’s cuticle. The preservation of the hair’s cuticle has many benefits to it, with the primary one being that the hair is able to reflect natural light, which contributes to its shiny appearance. The hair is also capable of being blow dried, curled, and straightened just as one’s natural hair would be. Because Remy hair extensions are created from natural hair, they maintain a believable appearance.

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