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The Benefits of Wearing Makeup

Makeup may seem a futile investment for those who grew up without it. But it is not really a matter of getting used to wearing it, or even liking it in the first place. If you only knew the benefits of makeup, you would have started using them a long time ago. Makeup enhances your natural beauty. Contrary to popular belief that makeup just makes your face look artificial by covering it up, then you are probably thinking of the old fashioned makeup.

Benefit Cosmetics – Concealer

Using a concealer in addition to a base or foundation is the best way to ensure blemishes are covered up. Everyone gets facial blemishes from time to time, so having a product on hand when needed is essential. Benefit Boi-ing concealer is one product that has been given great reviews and ranks high among users. Not only does it cover acne and moles, but many also use it to erase dark circles under the eyes. Although it is only available in three shades, reviewers say one will usually match your skin tone.

Add Some Shimmer in Your Makeup With An Eyeshadow Glitter

People may think the eyeshadow is only categorized according to color. However, as your collection grows, that is when you discover different makeup finishes that are suitable for different looks. These are according to texture, the finish and its effect. For a smoky-eye look, it is better to use a matte powder eyeshadow to create the effect that it is very natural and subtle. A glossy finish would have a bit of shine and might end up oily and greasy.

411 On Benefit Brow Zing

Benefit Brow Zing is one product you should not miss on your next trip to the Benefit counter. You may be clueless when it comes to grooming your eyebrows but you will be a pro in an instant with this product. Benefit Brow Zings cost only $30 and comes is a nice package of a shaping wax, a powder, tweezers, an angle brush and a blending brush. It has won Allure’s best beauty product. First, you have to decide on the shape of the eyebrows.

Benefit Fragrance Has Its Benefits

Benefit is brand popular for its makeup line that has adorable retro-style packaging. They have sassy product names and description for each one of them. You may also want to check out their fragrance line that has slowly been expanding through the years. Benefit fragrance cost around $32 for a 50ml bottle of eau de toilette. Upon testing, it lasts longer than regular perfume of the same price range.

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